Intelligent Conversational Platforms to increase your appeal on the market


Occambee provides products, services and consultancy to develop Professional Relationship Management solutions by identifying innovative modes and relationships and interaction processes based on "Human Like Interaction". The aim of the solutions proposed by Occambee: BOT, Virtual Assistant (VA) and Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) is the increase of quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the processes and channels on which the professional relationship develops.


To use conversational platforms permit to monitoring of the quality of the dialogue with your customers in order to identify the weaknesses of the relation.


From the other side advanced platforms are able to suggest actions to increasing the value of this relation in order to fidelize your customer base.


Last but not least you can use the results the conversation with your customer will be a good starting point to correct your processes in order to optimize your costs or increase your revenues.


Three Products Lines


Cufeature-soundsrrently our customers and partners, with our Conversational Platforms delivered chatbots services able to manage more over 10 millions of users. Occambee solutions are relevant for their customizability, their performances and their future-proof architecture.

Virtual Assistant

TrinityThe last market analysis suggest that in the next 3-5 years the platforms for Chatbot, Virtual Assistant (VA) and Personal Assistant (VPA) will be the same thing and only few vendors could be able to follow this transformation. Occambee platform has the features to will be one of these. For this reasons UNI (Italian Standardization Office) choosed us.

Edugame platform

valore 2-03Starting from our conversational platform a solution for e-learning has developed. Particularity of the solution is the native coexistence between work rules and gamification that permit to design interactive courses with an high level of engagement. The solution, when adopted by international companies, strongly increased level of partecipation of the users.


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